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The existence of terrorism dates back from historic times. Causes, trends, and tactics change with time. The cause is often surrounded by, thick clouds of the dilemma, delusions and misgivings. These factors shape the thought process of every terrorist.  An in-depth understanding and research into the psychology will help us to devise tools, to contain terrorism. We will examine some of the important incidents and their real motives behind the act.  


 Punjab insurgency started in 1917 for the recognition of Sikhism as a separate cult. The cause was an insecure identity .Partition of India in 1947, crippled the community with the fear of losing their identity and the homeland. The demand for a separate state was thought to be an important prerequisite, which could restore identity to this community. Government permission was ultimately granted and the dream of a separate state soon materialized. Leaders envisaged that only autonomy could empower them. Thus, Khalistan movement came into force. The demand for a separate country, Khalistan (The land of the pure) escalated. They resorted to militancy when the unethical demand was put down by the government.

Sikhs had fought Mughals who had coerced them to accept Islam. The fight was justifiable. Up to some extent, the demand for a separate state was also acceptable. But, the demand for Khalistan was far from being realized.
What was the cause? And why did the dilemma of insecurity prevail upon the so-called leaders of Khalistan movement? 

The war for an autonomous country finally came to an end with “Operation Blue Star” in June 1984. Hardcore militant leader, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was killed. Peace was finally restored to Punjab.

Could it be a diplomatic deception by the government? Or due to the failure of bureaucratic negotiation? Or a lack of wisdom to reconcile?
Whatever it was? The aftermath was devastating. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her own Sikh guards and Hindu-Sikh riots claimed millions of lives.

  Formation of Khalistan certainly couldn't have bought more Independence and peace to Punjab than it is today.


The Government in Afghanistan was weak and undermined.The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan to annex the rich oil fields and establish its rule. However, US interception forced their retreat after a 10-year long turmoil. The "soviet adventure" had cost millions of Afghan lives and forced them to take refuge in neighboring countries. Ultimately the dilapidated and shattered Afghanistan slipped into the hands of Taliban. Taliban, an Islamic fundamentalist group invoked Sharia law and promoted Al-Qaida (1980) on its soil. Osama bin Laden established a terrorist training base to launch its attacks worldwide.   

Numerous heinous and unethical terrorist attacks were launched: The 1988 US Embassy bombings, the September 11 attacks and 2002 Bali bombings. Terrorists were under the conviction that a Christian- Jewish Alliance conspired against them and threatened their community. The aim was forced expansion of Islam globally.

Salafist jihadists believe that the killing of noncombatants is religiously sanctioned. But, scholars of Islam never supported this view. Prophet Muhammad had waged war against Quraysh tribe(Battle of Badr) in 624 C.E. It was to suppress the propaganda against Islam. The clan leaders opposed his claim to prophethood. The killings were intentionally kept to minimum.This fight was for a noble causeand not terrorize the mankind. Prophet Muhammad , most of the time used his diplomatic skills and preachings to expand Islam.

Holy Quran states: “Take the tooth for tooth and eye for an eye, but don’t harm innocents.”(Quran 5:45)

Be there a real threat to the Muslim community in Afghanistan? Even if it was, did Islam favored the killing of innocents?

“Killing of one innocent soul amounts to the Killing of entire mankind”(Quran 5:32) 

“Holy Quran clearly writes, combative Jihad in the name of God should be fought with those who fight against you and not the civilians” (Quran2:190).

Terrorists and their followers are victims of their own non-Islamic ideologies. The unethical man- made law is slowly eroding true Islamic values.

 Be the Muslim community still under threat? Did the innocent killings bring peace and prosperity to the land of so-called jihadists?  Dilemma continues unabated!!!


 November 2008, evening 9:30, Mumbai shook with a series of attacks launched by Lashkar -e-Taiba. This was the worst of the attacks Mumbai had experienced. It left a permanent nonhealing wound in the heart of every Indian. 164 were killed and more than 600 were injured in the incident.

The main objective behind this act was to create terror and get some key terrorists released from Indian prisons.

 The captured terrorist, Ajmal Kasab revealed incredible and shocking facts. He narrates about the teachings in training camps:

·        Jihad is the only gateway to Paradise.
·        Jihadist is pardoned for all the sins they commit.
·        Holy death brings glory and peace to the soul.
·        The corpse of Jihadist is surrounded by a Devine Aroma and doesn’t stink.
·        Red carpeted welcome awaits them in paradise that commits Jihad.
·        They are showered and bathed with milk and honey.
·        Beautiful angels are deployed, to provide care and all sorts of pleasure.

 The poor and uneducated Muslims are subjected to brainwash. They hardly get an opportunity to read holy books and understand the ideologies of Islam. Hence, they fall easy prey and get victimized. Brainwashing with non-Islamic verses results in willful acceptance of killing and self-demolition with no protest.

 During the Mumbai attack, the so-called leaders guided the gunmen on the phone. The hues and cries of innocents fascinated them. They call it “Jihad.”
Jihad, an idiomatic expression, is defined in the Holy Quran as “Striving in the way of God, and for his noble purpose to be served on earth.”

 The mentally sick, with no respect for human values, find ways and means for morbid pleasure in the name of community and religion and term it “Jihad.”


This was clearly evident by the attempt on the mass killing of civilians on 4th July 2016 in Saudi Arabia. An attack on the most revered and sacred place for Muslims. Attack during Ramadan confirmed that terrorism knows no religion, has no belief in God and has no understanding of humanity.

 Human values are by no means, of any importance to them.
 I wonder why they talk about peace and Paradise?

The ideologies of Islam are simple to read, understand and remember in its entirety. "Holy Quran," writes about Jihad, its applications, and limitations, at least 41 number of times.The dilemmas and delusions of a terrorist can be resolved only with a meticulous understanding of the basic principles mentioned in Holy Quran.  The global joint venture, multilateral co-operations,and communications with the affected states can only mitigate the escalating menace.Its time now, lets unite and pledge for jihad on terrorism to save and  preserve human values, instead of idividualattempts.

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